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Co-building sustainable cities

70% of carbon emissions come from cities.
Citizens can lead the change in their cities to fight climate change.

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makesense gives citizens the power to build communities in their cities to fight climate change.

70% of carbon emissions come from cities in 4 main areas: Waste, Energy, Mobility and Buildings.

makesense is a dynamic, global, people-powered community that connects engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward looking organizations to build solutions together on those 4 domains.

makesense is the catalyst so that all players can make a positive impact in their cities.

How does it work?

Citizen engagement programs
Start-ups programs
Collaborations programs

Citizen engagement programs

An open environment where citizens can learn and take action to solve city issues: conferences, participative workshops and community organizing trainings to co-build ideas, projects and movements.

Image: makesense camp Mexico 2017 with 330 citizens engaging on the issues of Mexico City.

Start-ups programs

Programs designed to support the development of best-in-class social and environmental startups: incubation program, peer-to-peer support, mentorship programs, investment fund.

Image: makesense incubator and space for start-ups in Paris.

Collaborations programs

Programs designed to support the development of large-scale collaborations between entrepreneurs, large corporate and cities, in order to create a bigger impact, faster:  ideation, pilot and change management.

Image: design thinking workshop to initiate a collaboration between Suez, a global leader in waste management, and a food waste collection start-up.

Join our event in New York City on September 24th @ 6 PM  & discover more about the actions of the makesense community and its partners.

How to get involved?


Apply to be trained as a makesense community organizer in waste, energy, mobility or buildings. Learn how to mobilize a community of active citizens and social entrepreneurs to fight climate change in your city with concrete initiatives.

Social entrepreneurs

Submit your project in waste, energy, mobility or buildings to be featured in our community. Receive volunteer help, participate in incubation programs and explore collaboration opportunities with large cities and global corporates.

Large organizations

Find a supportive ecosystem around your organization to prototype solutions and collaborate to foster social and environmental change. Joined leading global multinationals who already are already part of the change.

Walking on the moon would not have been possible without tiny actions upstream. Follow the progress of our community, building more sustainable cities to fight climate change month after month.

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