Written by daniel

Energy is everywhere. It’s in our schools, homes, streets, cities. News and medias constantly remind us the limits of our energy production and consumption models that endanger the planet and those who live in it. We are told that solutions are complex, choices are difficult, decisions are not ours to take. But…

WATT IF the energy transition became concrete, local, exciting, human?
WATT IF everyone in his village or city, could create or support a solution that answers the local energy challenges?
WATT IF we met those people who take action daily to build the future of energy?  

Olivier, our reporter, did a 3 months world tour to meet entrepreneurs creating local energy solutions that place the people and the beneficiaries at the heart of their project.

Come to discover their stories and get engage in your city to support projects that accelerate the transition in your region. Screenings of the documentary WATT IF are organize all over the world by people willing to mobilize on the topic! Already 36 cities are organizing screening. Help us achieve our goal of 50 screenings! Apply here to do a screening.

The screening of the documentary is the kick off of makesense and EDF – a global leader in energy production – to engage citizens and support projects working for the energy transition.